Thursday, December 22, 2011

3rd day of Chanukah

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Happy 3rd day of Chanukah and Happy Winter Solstice!
So what did you do today to celebrate either of these festivals of light?  Today I worked on our outside lights. I weeded through all of our Holiday lights and decided I was not going to let the thief of  Santa get me down and so I put out some more lights and decorations.  Not as much as in previous years at it was a very cold 30 degree F today.  I still have a some lights I want to put out but decided that at 23 degrees F, I will write this post and go to bed hopefully it will be a bit warmer tomorrow during the day.  The other things we did today was go to our friend Ping's house for a Chinese dinner.  She is such a great cook!  We made dumplings and talked and laughed with her, her daughter, Bingqing and Heather.  The we tonight is Leigh, Jeff (our middle son) and myself.  It was a great time. Too soon it was time to come home. We dropped Jeff off at Christopher Hardy's house for a reunion of the two. Tomorrow Ryan comes home and I am sure we will not see them for part of that time.  Well good night all.
Happy Solstice and Happy Chanukah to all my friends.

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