Friday, December 23, 2011

4th day of Chanukah

Dec. 14, 2009*
Today was a busy day. Shopping for the weekend food. Going through decorations and weeding out. Make a box of the lights and other things that I will not be using in the future. Merri & Bethany went through it and made a box for each of them, and a small box was left to give a way, (I'll have to check with Heather to see if Jimy and family would like the lights and some of the decorations for next year.)
by Wes Zeitz
We had Reuben sandwiches in honor of the 4th day of Chanukah, then put decorations up in the living room and Merri, Jeff and Bethany decorated the tree. I went through the ornaments and Leigh feed and spent quality time with Little Tyler. Ryan H. joined us and did a great job holding Little Tyler. When we were all done with the tree, Chris and Merri spread out my fall leaves blanket on the ground and Wes took a great picture of Little Tyler in front of the Tree.

Happy Chanukah!

* used with  Some rights reserved by Flavio@Flickr

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