Monday, December 5, 2011

Chalica - Day 1

Happy Chalica! What are you doing today for Chalica? I am going to write some long due thank you notes to some people that have helped me in the past, not necessarily celebrating our differences, but acknowledging that they helped me by giving me their support. I am going to use the new updated Chalica image on them that dear Rose just made. If you are looking for some ideas - check out this blog - Just Do It! has some simple suggestions for each day, Lisa Schwartz has some daily ideas and check out the  Chalica! on facebook. The
Days  tab has some Adults Suggestions. And don't forget to check out the Children Chalica for ideas for the kids (remember you can freely print out my Kid's booklet also.

Daily services:
Unitarian Universalist Society of Black Hawk County
(Iowa) today at 6:30 pm
South Fraser Unitarian Congregation
   (British Columbia) They will be having evening services using Jeff's Videos!

Other places celebrating a service and/or sermon about Chalica on Dec. 11, 2011:

South Fraser Unitarian Congregation
   (British Columbia) (Rumor is Daylene Marshall will be there?)
Unitarian Universalist Church of Tampa

Check out the pictures of the Chalica celebration at the Unitarian Congregation of Saskatoon! They made up Chalica kits to take home.

Don't forget to checkout the Saturday's, Dec. 3 post for more info about this year's Chalica.

For those of you without a church nearby check out the Church of the Larger Fellowship's new online Quest website.

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