Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chalica - Day 3

What will you do to celebrate our 3rd Principle - Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations? If you are looking for some ideas see below.*
Well last night I did attend "Actos Sin Ombre" it was a little different type of theater than I was expecting. It was a simulation on border crossings, the actors were the Coyotes,  the border guards, Grupo Beta, Migra Mexicana Agents, Pandilleros, Casa del Migrante (safe haven), U.S. Border Patrol, Vigilantes and if you made it the person who has you fill out your papers. We the audience were the immigrants trying to cross the border.  I have to say I was not really expecting to be part of the show, and really it was not enjoyable. But it was an eye opener and for some of the "audience" it was very emotionally.  Two of my friends, Heather & Cindy showed up and we quickly became a group and as luck would have it we were the first group the coyote sent on the way.  We were first "put into the trunk" of the coyote's car - this was simulated by putting a sheet over our heads and leading us into the theater. We were "found" by the Grupo Beta and given crackers, water and sardines to help keep up our strength.  Next we meet the Migra Mexicana Agent who decided that only 2 of us could continue - Cindy opted to be deported. Heather and I continued, we evaded the Pandilleros, found safe have but then we got captured by the U.S. Border patrol - Heather was deported and I died!!  I was able to sit and watch the rest of the "show".  Heather and Cindy opted to try again. The actors were very much in character (actually apologized after the show for their actions and language!) The first person to make it and get a job turned out to be a former student of mine, so he joined me and we chatted as we watched what happened to the others til everyone had crossed or died. We then had a discussion with the actors, Jenny & Karen (UNI professors & the directors) about what we had gone through about what would be the differences for someone really going through this type of trip.  I realized I had never thought about this aspect when I was teaching students in the California Juvenile system (read jail), who were only there because they were illegal immigrants.  The audience was composed of UNI students, staff & faculty, members of the community and a group from Wisconsin that are wanting to do something like it for their community.  The Jennie & the Wisconsin group graciously invited Heather and I to join them.  We all headed to Soho and the one rule was you were not to sit next to someone you knew.  It was a wonderful evening of sharing about the "play" and other parts of our lives. Here are some of the pictures: Turns out one of the Wisconsin group was Rev. Roger Bertschausen from the Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (in the video below that is him looking at Chalica and Quest * on my iPad!)

**Ideas - check out  - Just Do It! has some simple suggestions for each day, Lisa Schwartz has some daily ideas and check out the  Chalica! on facebook. TheDays  tab has some Adults Suggestions. And don't forget to check out the Children Chalica for ideas for the kids (remember you can freely print out my Kid's booklet also.

Quest *  was the magazine for the Church of the Larger Fellowship and is now even more as the official website.

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