Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chalica - Day 6

The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all.  Here's what has been happening at the Unitarian Congregation of Saskatoon they put together Chalica kits. When I asked what are these kits - Mary-Anne Rose Parker sent me this answer: "The Chalica kits were basically gift bags, filled with a flower pot chalice, notepaper and envelope, notecard, penny, and the Chalica instructions that I believe I got from your blog!... I did get the booklet and printed them out for the children."  What a great gift for the children! 
I especially like the small child and the older one working together to light their chalice for their Chalica service.  And then  they had a part where the "Children's and Adult principles were brought together through candle lighting and colour".  Mary-Anne will be writing up how things went and we will post that here next week.  So how is your Chalica going? Are you taking time to reflect?
I have agreed to help my friend Heather with her project of helping a family that is coming back to the USA and our area on an U.S. Department of Immigration's U-Visa program.  One member of the family, Jimy was only 14 years old, had been working 10+ hour shifts and was deported in our famous Postville Immigration Raid in May 2008.  He is almost four years older and his family includes 7 others. They have decided to stay in the Cedar Valley instead of going back to Postville.  The team will be looking for clothing, furniture & housewares, food & incidentals, money and advocates for the family to help them get settled in a home and school.  The family consist of Jimy (18), Reyben (brother, 17), Ruby (sister, 13), Marlene (wife, 18), Alexis (son, 7 months), Esperanza (mother), Pablo (brother, 14), Gerardo (father).  They are coming from Guatemalan and thus will not be bringing a lot of items with them. Click Here for more information about this project.

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