Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chalica - Day 7

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Click to join ChalicaWe have hit over 6,000 views!! If you want to be reminded of Chalica next  year or share your story with others we now have group on Yahoo!

Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.
Today I am having a hard time respecting the cold winter here in Iowa.  This year because of my health issues I did not get the motivation to get the Holiday lights up outside our house. I did get Wes, Bethany and Leigh to bring them up to the living room after Thanksgiving and while I did get to fixing many we didn’t get them outside until today. We waited for the temperature to get up to a balmy 31 F (-0.55 C)  Of course the ground is frozen, so Leigh took a large, long nail to pound holes into the ground for our first “Flamingo deer” pulling Santa. I’ll have to work on some harnesses for next year, but in the dark it should look okay!  But just putting that up has zapped my enthusiasm for more.  Believe when I say I usually do too much, but I so enjoy putting up the lights in this dark winter.  I think after my break here we will put up the igloo and then maybe call it quits for outside this year. Remember tonight is also the Worldwide Candle Lighting for Children that have died. (see below for more info)
On the positive side my dear friend Sophia has been busy working on some new chalice designs. In addition to Chalice Palace she now has a shop at Zazzle called Sophia Rose Fine Art. She has given me permission to show you a few of her copyrighted items. There are just so many and so little space here that I had to pick just a few. Of course the first one is her new Chalica design!
This is the bumper sticker, it also comes on t-shirts,
mugs,ties, cards, aprons, bags, postcards and even a mouse pad.
Some of the designs also come as stamps, on tree ornaments, iPhone skins, pendants, and jewelry boxes. And below for all my friends is a $10 off coupon at Zazzle!

Once a year candles are lit around the world at 7pm for the children that have died. The hope is that the light will go around the world one candle at a time. It is always the 2nd Sunday in December. This is the 2nd year for my family to celebrate the life of our blessed Tyler Joel Rudy that was taken too soon from us last October. His mom, my sister Karen opens her home on this day starting at 6:30 pm for his friends and family.  We all miss you Tyler. 

Love to you all,

Happy Chalica

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