Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fuel for the whole!

Her Soup Kitchen
"A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body."
        - Benjamin Franklin 
The picture to the right is of "Her Soup Kitchen" a small place in Iowa City with great food and interesting photos inside.  The food is mostly sandwiches, salads and of course soup.  Leigh had a Pear, cheese and veggie sandwich. We are still not sure who came up with that idea (Mom, Dad or son?) but it was wonderful and Leigh enjoyed each bite.  He had the wild rice soup with it and said it also was delicious!  I had the veggie Club sandwich and it was great! And I really loved and appreciated the veggie tomato soup as it had little salt (you can always add more to your taste) but those of us on a salt free diet this was quite a find! Plus it had great big chunks of veggies. I was expecting a typical creamy tomato soup with small bits of tomatoes and was pleasantly surprise that this was not the case. Dick, the cook came to our table to ask us what we thought and of course we told him it was great.  As for the interior it is charming and homey.  If you are feeling like you are missing the sun, a trip to their unique bathroom is a must.  I won't give it all away, but I felt like I was walking into sunshine.   They do not have a huge menu, which I really appreciated/ they do have limited hours and close or open late because of private parties so check on their facebook page, their website or do like we did Yelp! them. (we used the smart phone version)  We will definitely go back when we visit Iowa City. And next time I will not have as much on my mind. I am feeling hopeful about my University of Iowa Hospital visit, still thinking about it and not ready to write more than I feel like we have a plan of action and I don't feel as anxious about what all is going on inside my body. I really like my new doctor and love the fact that she wants me to keep in touch about what is going on via email... 
As some of you know I have been a bit down about my health, my car and right now lack of a job.  Well Leigh decided to do something about the car. He found out how much it would cost to get the dent (yes he caused it when he ran my car into his truck last August!) and estimated the brake cost and decided to cash in some stocks for a down payment on a car.  He called our friend Troy Knapp at Toyota of Iowa and asked if he had any used Prius' and Troy had one!  It is my favorite color RED! So after the doctor and lunch we went and signed the papers on it!  It will be strange having a car payment again but it will use less gas and makes me smile.  It is a dream to drive, although I feel some what like a pilot with all the screens.  It is raining today, so I'll try to take a picture and post it tomorrow.  (Oh and if you know anyone that wants a used (need TLC) dark green XLE Camry we will have one to sale soon.)
Blessed be

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