Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Same sex marriage!

"Sasha and Malia had some words for their dad. He listened. He evolved. And now President Obama has become the first President of the United States to endorse and support full marriage equality for all Americans."
I tried to embed the video with the code on the their page, but it made it take too long to load this page so below I have put a link.
So May 9, 2012 is not not only famous in our house because it is the birthday of our oldest son, Wes. But now it will be famous for full marriage quality for  all. The sad news is that he says it is up to the states to make the decision for their state. This is sad to me because I believe this is a Civil Rights issue.
If you are still undecided on this issue I highly recommend that you do some research, plus check out the  video "It could happen to you" This video points out the problems that can happen to two people (heterosexual and homosexual couples) that live together without the benefits of marriage.
When two people love each other and want to get married they should be allowed to have that right.

See the video: Ladies And Gentlemen, The First President In Our Nation's History To Support Full Marriage Equality

 "It Could Happen to You!

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