Sunday, November 25, 2012

Chalica visits UUSBHC's RE

Moira, Heather, Tom & Flora
Today I joined Heather Flory & Moria Brown at the UUSBHC to facilitate a planning & information class on Chalica. Although a small group we had a lot of fun talking about Chalica and activities that we can do at home, by ourselves &/or  with our families to celebrate.

Ethan, Bill, Esther, Gerry & in the back Jan
 Heather was our leader and she put together a wonderful schedule see it under the UUSBHC tab above. Moria did a great introduction & history of Chalica.
Esther, Leigh & Juanita
 We fortunately had some children & people young at heart who helped us light the different "Candles" on our Chalica chalice.

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