Thursday, December 4, 2014

5th Day of Chalica 2014

 Happy Chalica! Sorry my posting for Wednesday has disappeared, yes it even happens to us geeks! And thus my posting for Thursday was not inspiring! But mainly this blog is for the resources so I hope you are are checking them out and using what fits your needs.  I still get a happy feeling every time I print out my booklet for the children and pass them out to them. We had quite a discussion about Chalica this year as some people put forth the idea that Chalica was to start on the first Monday after the first Sunday.  The problem is we could not find this in any of the histories that have been written about Chalica. So evan & I both wrote Daylene (the creator of Chalica) She told us to start on Dec. 1, 2014 so we did here and on the facebook pages.  evan pointed out that one of the great things about Chalica is the idea and that many people are not focusing on specific dates.
UUHK (Hong Kong)'s celebration is on Sat. Dec. 6th at their church.
Other people are working on Chalica Celebrations that last 7 weeks - practicing one principle per week. 
Some times I think of this principle as even little people need a voice, especially when I am working with the 3-5 year olds in Sunday School.
What are you doing today for Chalica?
Here's an other interesting thought - since we have more than 50 countries that have checked out this site and over 1/2 of them are in a different time zone from me, when is the best time to release these blog postings? I am thinking of the UUs in Hong Kong at their celebration on Dec. 6th at 7pm there time here in Iowa it will be 5am. And for my friends in Malaysia at the same time it will be 6pm. So should we start releasing our posts about 9pm on the day before - for instance should I have released this post at 9pm on Thursday so that those people around the world can benefit from them in their mornings? Something to think about. Well it was another hectic day of packing and visiting with grandchildren today, tomorrow we do our walk through and sign the papers for the new house. We are excited and fearful at this new adventure. 
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