Saturday, December 24, 2011

5th day of Chanukah

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Happy Day!  
Spent the morning getting my hair done, then to the store, then home to go through more boxes trying to find all the stockings and the stocking holders.  Bethany finished up sewing one of the stockings and the names are drying on a few of them. Dena and Danielle stopped by for Christmas cheer and to drop off this year's cat calendar for us.  Their cats, Daisy and Dolly are featured on November 8th, 2012. Dinner with Wes and Bethany, then they headed off to Chris and Merri and Tyler's house for a movie.Jeff, Ryan and Christopher stopped by for a chat - hoping to see Tyler.   It is very quiet. Next step to organize the stocking gifts and make sure everything is wrapped!  Oh and to record the book for Tyler and one for Miss Ella.  I am so late getting the present together for everyone...
Happy Birthday to Merri 
(the mother of my darling grandson!), 
Happy Chanukah, 
Merry Christmas Eve. 

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