Saturday, November 24, 2018

To Be or Not To Be

Every once in a while at this time of the year when someone brings up Chalica there tends to be conversations about the name. I really feel like it's time to stop. You either like it or you don't! I didn't put this website together to change minds. I put this website together because Chalica called to me and I have found others that feel the same. If you want something else, work on it, do the research, do the grassroots. Put together the info and put it out there!
One of the best answers I've found is a comment made on February 13, 2013 at 11:04 am by evan austin
2. I hear and understand that others DO have a variety of issues with the name, and
3. I am at a loss as to how a broad name-change campaign would even work…to the point of saying it wouldn’t.
“If I am understanding correctly, the Chalica! movement came from the grassroots . . . it’s difficult to imagine a cohesive change-of-name campaign working in the same way.”
Indeed! I REALLY love this article and the attending comments…anything that gets insightful, respectful conversations going is a winner in my book. I have done and continue to do a lot to support Chalica both locally (southern California) and internationally, including having written and performed a couple of silly songs (and one serious one) about the holiday. I find myself with a three-fold quandary:
1. I don’t have a specific problem with the name “chalica”,
People are already using alternative names, dates, and rituals/elements to mark this unofficial holiday, so maybe the “official” name of it is the least of our worries, or even a non-issue. Maybe the purpose of Chalica is less to be a single thing, and more to simply say “You’re free to choose and make your own meaningful thing.”

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

How many days?

There are 4 days left until Thanksgiving.
There are 15 days until Chalica.
Since this blog has been up, we have had 44,002 page views.
Welcome to people who are just finding us and/or returning.
Special shot out to our most recent viewers: Mountain View, Menlo Park, Sun Prairie, Fremont, China and Ireland!

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