Thursday, September 9, 2010


by Sophia Rose (see below)
CHALICA is an unofficial holiday originally conceived by Daylene Marshall of Vancouver, BC as a way to celebrate and put into intentional practice the Seven Principles of the Unitarian Universalist tradition - one a night, for seven nights. The celebration begins on the first Monday of December, and is marked by the lighting of a chalice each day (or evening). Gifts that reflect the particular day's Principle may be given, but the focus tends to be more on mindfulness and action.

The holiday has 3 specifically dedicated songs so far, thanks to evan austin and Dan Flores.

There's a booklet for the children. Another UU Sharon Camerell has made up a sheet on how to make your own recycled chalice.

Sophia Rose of Chalice Palace not only has the great flaming chalice clipart used above but lots of wonderful gift items for Unitarian Universalists. My personal favorite are the flaming Chalice Cookie cutters, the project ideas, earrings and the free items and...well you just need to explore this site yourself!