After a year, I finally have some hope. 

  Tomorrow my husband and I have appointments for our first Covid-19 vaccine. Both my daughter-in-laws  and two of my sons have had Covid. (one of them twice!) So this has been quite a year for us as I am sure for you also. I learned to shop on-line at my local grocery stores and restaurants. 

At this time our grandsons with their parents have moved to Texas and we miss them so much. They are actually living close to where my life started!  I think one of the reasons they left was for warmer weather, but we just heard their weather is about the same as ours and they even had snow!! I don't think as much as we have had.  Our temperatures this week are ranging from -4 F to -20 F without the wind chill.

I've started doing taxes again for AARP and enjoy the times when I can make it so that our clients get their overpayment or their stimulus checks. 

I am sorry I missed you all during Chalica this year but I just couldn't share the negativity that surrounded me at that time. I've done a lot of thinking about Chalica and I still think we should have this special celebration but I am being to think that maybe December is just too busy and we are getting lost.  I would love to hear from others how they feel about this. Some people have suggested that we celebrate one Principle a month. Others have suggested celebrating it in January.  

Well stay warm. 

Blessed be, 



Feeling lonely and isolated or just frustrated with staying home? Or just tired? I am. We have our two usually adorable grandsons staying with us. They are only 18 months apart. They are having too much togetherness and thus this leads to conflicts that are wearing me out. --- So I basically lost it a few minutes ago... where has this raging person come from?? but miracle of all they are now working together quietly!!! ah the power of music we have been listening to We Are The World, Branden & James,  Justin Hines and Meg Barnhouse

One thinks he's a fox and has been just talking in fox language... sometimes I can translate but today my world translator from Star Trek is not working.  The other one just seems angry.  They have dealt with a lot.  Their sister died in the womb just a week before this whole quarantine happened here in Iowa.  Their parents are fortunate to have jobs at this time, and only live 25 miles away but at this time that can seem like a million miles. Their uncle Jeff lives in New York City - where the reports of what is happening make it sound like a war zone. Their uncle Wes & his wife Bethany live in Des Moines where they had to close their just opened restaurant.
My sisters - Karen (& her husband & one son), Sandy and Vicki (& her daughter & granddaughter) live in Southern California.  Vicki's son & his family and Sandy's daughter & family live in or near San Fransisco.  Karen's other son lives in Mass.
We are blessed to have our family but at the same time it is hard to be so far away from our loved ones.
My heart goes out to my former scouter and now friend Ryan. His father lost the fight against cancer and they cannot have a serve for friends to attend.  Hopefully they will have a celebration of life in the future.

As I am venting - here's one thing that has been bothering me... people blaming the Chinese for the virus. Just because it started there doesn't mean that we should blame the chinese people for the spread of the disease.  That was done by people who didn't know they were infected. You are exposed today, but you don't come down with the disease for 14 days. You continue your regular life and spread the disease to 10 others, who then spread the disease to 10 people, and now the 100 people spread the disease to 10 others each... and the next things we hear 1 million people are KNOWN to have the disease.  KNOWN is important because not everyone is getting tested that have the symptoms. So the numbers could be much higher... after all if you are not diagnosed with it, did you have it??

For updates on Iowa

For updates on the World

stay healthy, wash your hands and be kind to all.


Blessed be  Kathy