6th Day of Chalica Saturday 12/7/19

We light our chalice for the goal of world peace, liberty and justice for all.

Will we ever have a fair and peaceful world? Maybe we can just work on having a fair and peaceful and safe place around each of us. That hopefully one day will grow to include more spaces.  One comment that I have heard is that how will we know what is fair if we don't have unfair situations. and how will we know what is peace if we don't have conflict? What are your thoughts? Can the lion lie down with the lamb? 
I like to think that my Women of Faith group is helping to make us more aware and accepting of people of other faiths.  
Definitely traveling and meeting people from around the globe helps.  This year we have opened our house to young people from across the nation and the world who are here in Iowa working on campaigns for the different candidates. Some have come just for a night or two and others for months.  It has been interesting to meet them all. Our latest, Stormy will be leaving us shortly to go back to Washington, D.C. for Christmas and his wedding. He has been a great addition to our household.  And the grandkids have stopped yelling stranger, stranger when he walks in the door. I know they will miss him when he leaves. 

So this a picture that I took in Halifax, NS this fall. It is by the water and I just loved the different colors. 
What are you doing to help make the world a fair and peaceful place? 

Blessed be, 

5th Day of Chalica Friday 12/6/19

We light our chalice for the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.

What does your congregations do that supports the democratic process? 
Right now in the USA our democratic process in the society at large is all about preparing for caucus in Iowa and primaries in other states. What is a caucus? It is a time where each party in each precinct gets together in person to talk about the candidates and the issues and then votes on them.  We started with about 24 candidates in the democratic caucus this time and I think we are now down to 14. Our caucus will be held on Feb. 3, 2020 this time and we will be again the first in the nation to vote. For more information about our caucus check out the Wikipedia page.  This year will be the first time the democrats have proposed a satellite caucusing plan. There were a few of these in 2016 as test sites.  
There has been a lot of news out there about what else is going on politically in the USA, but it is so depressing I think I'll end with this.
Take care.
Blessed be,