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What to do with your children

Hello this chilly Monday.  I am just curious as to what age/grade level children we have in the neighborhood right now?  Our grandchildren are with us during this time.  They are J 7 years old 1st grade and T 8.5 years old and 2nd grade. 

Just a note Raz Kids is offering free subscriptions at this time - many of the schools also use this. Teach Me is offering their apps for $1.99 each or 6 of them for $7.99.  (i have to admit I'm not that familiar with this program yet, but James is going to teach about it as he uses it in his class)
We are also using Epic, BookFlix (this one has to be set up by a teacher so Leigh is trying to set it up as UNI was one of the possibilities)

Also available are these google sites with information:

Having done homeschooling in the past (in the USA and Malaysia) it good to start about 1 hour per grade level a day works for formal education, but then you can have "projects or center activities" available for your children. Remember that a lot of what you can offer children can be multi-subjects.

For example J loves foxes, so we will be researching about foxes and then he'll be writing a report about it. Also if anyone is up to having your children connect with others (other children and or adults)  I would be glad to set up a zoom room.  Good luck!