Chalica visits UUSBHC's RE

Moira, Heather, Tom & Flora
Today I joined Heather Flory & Moria Brown at the UUSBHC to facilitate a planning & information class on Chalica. Although a small group we had a lot of fun talking about Chalica and activities that we can do at home, by ourselves &/or  with our families to celebrate.

Ethan, Bill, Esther, Gerry & in the back Jan
 Heather was our leader and she put together a wonderful schedule see it under the UUSBHC tab above. Moria did a great introduction & history of Chalica.
Esther, Leigh & Juanita
 We fortunately had some children & people young at heart who helped us light the different "Candles" on our Chalica chalice.

9 days til Chalica!

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Giving Thanks!

  Tonight we had a Chinese Thanksgiving with our friend Ping and some new friends from China. She told us to bring nothing as she was serving Hot Pot! So we took her a yellow mini rosebush. It was so much fun making new friends and being with a great "old" friend. As usual the food was wonderful!

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14 days until Chalica!

The gang after Halloween.
Today I am meeting with Moria and Heather to discuss a religious education class on Chalica for the upcoming Sunday. It will be great to get together with these two supportive women. This will be a bit different time schedule - giving the congregation more than a week to get ready to celebrate Chalica, instead of being an opening on the day before to the celebration.
I am really hoping that it will start me off for the coming year and that I will try to spend a minute each day after Chalica to continue to think about our 7 Principles.
This has been an extremely busy, frustrating and healing year for me. Last year at this time I was battling: a new disease (hyperparathyroidism); bone loss and had just fallen, hurt my left wrist and not healing from it.  After many test - and working hard I am on the way to recovery from some of my health issues.
  • I had a joint removed from my wrist and it is healing slowly but surely.
  • I tried Touch for health Kinesiology with my friend Krystal Hamilton Case and after that my blood & bone tests showed normal results in all areas.
I was doing so well that the kids and I decorated outside for Halloween and so I am ready to start in on the new year. It will be fun to introduce my grandson Tyler and his friends, Phoenix and Elliot to my Chalica ways this year.
You may have notice in the lower right hand corner I fixed the count down clock and now that I remember how to do that I will get it set up for next year after Chalica is done this year!
Does anyone have any new rituals that would like to share with me and or this blog? If so please comment below or dash me off an email at let me know if you want me to publish it or not.

Happy Chalica!

Blessed be...