Winter Wonderland 2011!

Today in Iowa it is very cold!  23 degrees Fahrenheit which equals -5 degrees Celsius! I have not got as much done I had planned today - just couldn't get warm. But I started boiling some water, turned on the small heater and put on a sweatshirt and am starting to get more activity. I did have a great meeting with my friend, Cindy today - way too short, but we will get together again soon. Is anyone celebrating Chalica this week? There's been a lot of discussion as to when to celebrate Chalica. Some people think it is too close to other holidays to celebrate it starting the 1st Monday in December. I found that this was probably one of the best Decembers I have had in quite a while. This year I just used the week of Chalica to step off the carousel of life and then to get back slowly on it.  The time I spent reflecting, quieting and looking around I think made me appreciate what I have in the world. I started the process of mending a fence with a friend. Working better on my friendships with others and just enjoying who I am and my world. Okay I still am not happy about the temperature! But I try not to think about it too much. Right now I am planning my classes for Spring that start tomorrow! I have been so blessed! I have 4 classes this semester - 2 on campus and 2 online (these will be the challenge!).  
I have been very cranky this past week as I had a tetanus shot on Wed and wow the pain, swelling and fever were terrible. It has finally gone down to the size of a large, shooter marble and is mostly only painful when someone touches it.  The tetanus and 2 other shots were because I am going to Beijing China in February! My husband and I are taking some students to a conference there for the Flat Classroom project. It is one of the online classes I am teaching (he of course is presenting!). I am looking forward to the trip. 
Many of you may have heard what happened in Arizona yesterday with the 18 people shot and the 6 that were killed. My prayers go out to those injured or killed and their families. What a great candlelight ceremony the UUs in Phoenix, Arizona held last night for these people.
I hope this wakes people up to really think before they say or do violent actions. 
Keep Warm!