Four years later love leads the way

Four years ago all in the Unitarian Universalist Community were stopped in shock and horror with the news of a shooting in at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville.  But we didn't stay stopped, we all reached out with love to the people that were at the church that Sunday.   Not only UUs but many people from around the world opened their hearts to these people affected by this terrible deed. 
The way people responded make me remember why I stay with the Unitarian Universalist religion.

I especially liked this chalice lightening from Rev. Carole Martignacco and on this date will like to offer it to you:

A Spiritual Home

As a spiritual home is a sanctuary, a safe space
for the gathering of the beloved community,
we light this chalice, symbol of our free faith,
In solidarity with brothers and sisters all over the world
who mourn with the Knoxville community last week's tragic events,
the violation of their sanctuary and the loss of precious lives.
We light this chalice in honour of the courage and goodness
of those who in every age, mindless of the cost to themselves,
are moved to shield others from acts of violence.
May this flame burn in our hearts today to warm us
and remind us that our greatest security lies in our choice
to answer hate with the all-consuming power of love.Rev. Carole Martignacco, president of the Unitarian Universalist Ministers of Canada, offers this Chalice-Lighting
A year later! An article about what is happening in Tennessee a year later.

Blessed Be,