Monday, December 26, 2011

7th day of Chanukah

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Well I hope the season is finding you all healthy and happy.  Today is the 7th evening of Chanukah. Isn't this an interesting menorah? The shamash is over to the left. and the lights seem to glow in the shape of Star of Davids.
Wes and Bethany left this morning to go back to Humbolt, IA. Bethany had to be at work this afternoon.  Chris, Merri and Tyler came over to say goodbye. Jeff helped Wes put the smoker into the truck along with the presents and their suitcase.
After they left, Chris and Merri decided to go do some shopping with Merri's Birthday and Christmas gift cards, and then Leigh and Jeff went off to buy a new coffee maker. Yes we now have a Keurig. I gave Leigh the reusable filter cup for one so we don't have to just use the individual cups that you buy. Tyler and I spent most of the afternoon together.  Then Jeff and Leigh came home and each had "Tyler Time". 

Well have a great evening and day tomorrow. Happy Chanukah!
Oh if you are in the area on New Year's Eve - we are having the annual family friendly party at 7pm with New Year's Eve celebrations at 8pm, 10 pm and Midnight. It's a bring a dish and we always have a good time!

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