Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chalica - Day 2

Happy Chalica!  What are you doing today to celebrate Justice, equity and compassion in human relations? I am thinking of attending "Actos Sin Ombre" as they present their simulation on border crossings it was presented last April at the White Privilege Conference in Minneapolis. Again, this is an event that has been well received across the Midwest and would be of interest to students studying intercultural communication and issues related to immigration. Tonight at the University of Northern Iowa, at 5:15pm in Lang 040 and then maybe heading over to a fellow UU's house for a short Chalica service.

Last night I went back to my former UU home to celebrate the first day of Chalica with a couple UU friends.  We went around the circle and talked about something related to the 1st Principle.  Amazing stories - Sheri had been doing an intake at the food pantry and a family came in and filled out the paper work. Sheri just happened to notice that there were quite a few kids in the household and that one child had just celebrated a birthday and another was going to celebrate one shortly. Sheri told the mother to wait just a minute, went into the back and a co-worker found two cakes for the kids. When she brought them back the mother was very touched and close to tears!  And then Jo told about how a co-worker had come up and thanked her for her acts of kindness! Heather told us about the play above and then about her work with a Postville family that had been deported and was now able to come back on this new U-Visa (legally!!). When we finished a few old friends showed up for another meeting and it was good to say hello.
Well must run if I want to see the play.
Love, Kathy

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