Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Water Reminders

Well I hope this works! I have installed water reminders on my iPad and phone to remind me to drink water. I hate water. I think it might have to do with drowning twice in my life as a young child. But maybe it is just one of those things that are good for you that we sabotage ourselves by not doing...We will see. I have a water bottle with marking on it for 8 oz. Here's to better health.  I am reading a book called
by Michael Aziz (Author) it is all about the endocrine system which is out of whack in my body, It makes sense to me as it is very much like what I have been doing as I listen to my body tell me what to eat. (I didn't listen very closely over the holidays, but am back listening) My goals are to be able to bend, walk and just feel better.
The first three weeks are to be without any grains. I have done without wheat, but no rice? It is worth a shot, plus this book encourages food from other cultures! The negative is that is is big on rye bread, which is a no-no for me as I am very allergic. Oh well, there are other choices and I don't have to worry about that for 3 weeks. 
How is your health? Have you had your vitamin D levels checked? Seen the dentist within the last 6 months? 
take care.

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