Sunday, December 1, 2013

First Day of Chalica

Happy Chalica!

What will you do today to honor our First Principle?
 To the left is the children's version of our Principles, which is to guide our children to treating everyone as they would like to be treated.

Our adult First Principle is: The inherent worth and dignity of every person.  So it is just a bit more than thinking everyone is important. We also have to be respectful of others and their choices in life.  How does this effect you?

So things that you can do today:
Give gift(s) to honor those you do not understand / agree with / like.
  • Examples:
  • - a thank-you card celebrating differences
  • - words of forgiveness / apology
  • - a peace offering such as inviting someone to dinner
  • - help someone in need
Read books:
  • My favorite books for the little ones are: Pink by Lynne Rickards
  • and The Big Orange Splot by D. Manus Pinkwater and Daniel Manus Pinkwater 
  • I have just heard about a book called: Randy Bradley by Jake Bohstedt Morrill minister of  Oak Ridge Unitarian Universalist Church
Rev. Morrill's father was one of the people that attempted to stop that gunman at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church in Knoxville. The gunman started firing on the members and visitors because he believed that the church was being UnAmerican by accepting gays, lesbians and others that were different.  Fortunately, there was a huge outpouring of love and healing from around the world from many different people of many different religions.  On of the out comes was our Standing on The Side of Love campaign

 Here's some interesting things to do at the Eno River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

UUA First Principle

For more ideas check out My Chalica Book: A Beginner's Guide created by Meredith Plummer, Director of Religious Education at the First Unitarian Church of Cincinnati

Blessed Be.



  1. You might want to edit "inviting someone to diner". ;-)