Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Seventh Day of Chalica 2013

We light our chalice for respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.
- start a compost
- recycle bottles and cans and donate the money to an environmental / animal aid society
- rescue an animal from a shelter
- hold an outdoor worship service (dress warm/bonfire)
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Give gift(s) to our earth and/or its creatures

What will you do today to honor our earth? I am finding a little harder to bend down and pick up trash left from others this year. But I still had the kids help at the park with a trash race this year. This year we decided to go with a recycling company that picks up everything in one can. It has made recycling in our home so much easier!  We are already training our 2 year old grandson to put things in the recycling can!  He has been putting trash in the trash basket since he was about 18 months.  Both our grandsons are a joy.  Another things we are working on is recycling or re-purposing our "STUFF".  It is amazing how much stuff we gather in our homes and how it really can take over our lives. And how we often don't really need it. There are many places that take used clothes, toys and other things and resale them for low prices. It gives me a good feeling when I give things away when I know someone else will get some joy out of them.
Here's a great article on 101 Household Tips for your home that reuses & re-purposes many items. * see below for a couple of my favorites.
 I read an article about paring down the amount of clothes in your closet. One of the things that it talks about is that by paring down the clothes in your clothes it makes it easier to find your favorite clothes, you save time by not having to search for certain items and that you can feel good by giving others a chance to enjoy your clothes.
I have found that it is easier to do this in stages. Stage 1 was getting rid of clothes that were too big or too small. Stage 2 was starting the process of getting rid of things that I don't wear that often.  Stage 3 will be to continue the process.  One easy way for me  was to do it while the week's laundry was in the laundry room.

Good luck in your work for making the earth a better place.

 Blessed be,


 Remember tonight at 7pm for one hour to join the Worldwide Candle Lighting by lighting a candle for children who have died.

CD large case for small cake dish

Plastic bottle top to seal bags

Egg carton for Christmas decorations

Old slinky made into bird feeder

toilet paper rolls

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