Tuesday, December 6, 2016

#2 Be Kind In All You Do

On facebook many of my friends have posted funny and not so funny pictures, saying, articles and cartoons about our next President. I have been trying to be kind by not sharing them. I am trying to keep the area around me positive.  What can we do? Be Kind to each and every person you meet. Be kind in your words and deeds.
Be a safe environment for others to come to or to use as a touch stone.

If you are new to this site, please look around at the tabs, if you find a site that isn't working please let me know. This has been a very busy year and I have not caught up with my updates.  

For those of you with children in your life, please download and share the Kid's Booklet, it is saved as a pdf so should download to every computer. 
Looking for inspiration check out Just Do It!, UUSBHC, Lisa Schwardz, JL's videos and the music links!
JL's video are 7 different videos that you can use each day for a small service. Great for a person alone or for a group. 
As you light your Chalica today think of those people that are full of fear and anxious for what tomorrow may bring. 
It only takes one person to change the attitude around them and it really is up to you! 

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