Saturday, June 25, 2011

GA 2011 Charlotte, North Carolina

Well I managed to finish my volunteering for UUA at GA - 24 hours of teaching people about recycling, composting, and landfills. Plus I did 2.5 hours helping at the Standing on the Side of Love booth and an hour at the Church of the Large Fellowship booth.  This did not leave much time for sessions, but I did get the the CLF's once-a-year service and saw Meg Riley get installed as Senior Minister.
I also attended part of Church of the New Millennium: Scenario for Success with Rev. Dr. Galen Guengerich part of Friendly Presence: SocialMedia and Ministry with: Rev. Stefan Jonasson, Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein,Only part of those two as I had to go back to my volunteer jobs.
Rev. Meg Riley, and Andrea Lerner.
I did meet a lot of new people, made new friends, and visited with some old friends.
 We saw history being made on Friday night with New York passing their same sex marriage law!
Tonight I will attend the Ware Lecture by Karen Armstrong and then go back to the hotel to pack and get a good night's sleep.
Tomorrow Sunday I take the train to Raleigh to meet up with friends from the past.
Come back on Thursday as I will premier a great poster that I got at GA from my new friend Terry.
So all in all a great trip and a renewal of my faith in Unitarian Universalists.

Blessed be,

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