The 2nd Day of Chalica 2014

Happy Chalica!

Last night we had the grandchildren and their parents over for a while. Tyler at 3 just didn't understand about lighting only one candle of my "kid" friendly chalice, so we let him light all seven as the most important part is being together.
Today we will be sending out invites to our New Year's Eve party to those of our friends that do not do emails or facebook and to our new neighbors! 
We are very thankful for this new adventure in our lives.   Now if Merri and Chris can find jobs the holidays will be complete.

Tuesday: We light our chalice for justice, equity and compassion in human relations. Give gift(s) to honor those in your local community that are less fortunate.
- spend time in a soup kitchen
- donate clothes to a worthy organization
- display kindness and care to those around you
- take part in a political demonstration at city hall
Blessed be,

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