The Fourth Day of Chalica 2012

We light our chalice for a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. Give gift(s) to honor another tradition, to honor education
- offer / take part in an event that celebrates another religion / tradition
- teach someone something you know and love
- learn something new from someone else
- give a book / read a book

What are you doing today to honor this Principle?
Right now I really can't write too much. I am very sad that some hunters have found two bodies that may be the two missing cousins. These girls have been missing since the day I had surgery in July, we had all been hoping and praying that they would be found alive. We will have to wait until the news is official, but it is just very sad. I am especially worried about my little friends Kendra & Corwin as they were neighbors and friends of one of the girls. So please say a pray or send healing thoughts or energy or what every your tradition or custom is to the family and friends of the two young girls.
Blesse Be and go in Peace.
Love to all

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