Monday, December 13, 2010

Chalica is over for the 2010 year!

by Sophia Rose of Chalice Palace
Yes, Chalica is over for this year, but that does not mean we need to stop living the Principles. There is a group that has been working on Sources Suppers and I am sure there are other people doing other things out there that are examples of our Principles. I think I will keep blogging and looking and emailing people about our wonderful guiding Principles. I would love to hear from others - so either comment below or email me at 
We had a wonderful large number of hits on this site: 3361 and people from 22 countries other than the USA! See below for the list.
On the Chalica! facebook page they got 2,373 Likes on the Page alone, hundreds of video views, thousands of blog visits from all over the world, dozens of excellent resources shared, untold numbers of meaningful services rendered...
So keep on telling people about it and remember YOU are a part of this living movement and have made Unitarian Universalist history this year!
Did you see that I started the count down for next year over on the left?

Below are the countries and the number of different spots in the country that visited this site in 2010!
Argentina (AR)1
Australia (AU)5
Belgium (BE)1
Brazil (BR)2
Canada (CA)36
Dominican Republic (DO)1
Germany (DE)1
Greece (GR)1
Guam (GU)1
Guatemala (GT)1
Hong Kong (HK)1
Indonesia (ID)1
Italy (IT)13
Korea, Republic of (KR)1
Netherlands (NL)3
Philippines (PH)1
South Africa (ZA)11
Spain (ES)1
Sweden (SE)1
Switzerland (CH)2
United Arab Emirates (AE)1
United Kingdom (GB)3

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