Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gifts and other things

Sophia Rose from Chalice Palace >
I have to write about Chalice Palace and Sophia the owner. I contacted Sophia to ask permission to use the clipart to the right. I had found it quite by accident and thought is was just a perfect fit for my blog about Chalica. Sophia graciously gave me permission and asked some questions about Chalica and then we both put links to each others sites on our sites.  I really like the idea of a Chalice cookie cutter and so I ordered a set from Chalice Palace's website. Well it came yesterday and with it a Chalica gift from Sophia. So thank you to her and I urge you all to give her site a look. Not only does she have things she sells on it but she also has free recipes and ideas. She is a person that seems to live our UU Principles!

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