Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day Three - We're free to learn together!

Wow we just passed 3000 viewers! Glad so many are finding out about Chalica.
Day 3 we are free to learn together or acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations what do these two statements mean to you. The free to learn together to me means that not only are we able to learn things we can do it without being in a strict school setting. We can explore life and learn from it. We can do it alone or with others. Many UU places are taking the Religious Exploration out and putting in Sunday school. The reasoning is that people will better understand what we are doing. But are we really doing Sunday school? I hope not! I hope we are encouraging our children and adult to explore religion in a fun and interactive way. That we don’t use desks and lessons like the ones used in the public schools. That we find other ways of learning, that are fun and enjoyable. For by exploring ours and other religions we can find the similarities and differences and work, live and play together in healthy ways. One thing I didn’t know until I lived in Malaysia is that to the Islamic religion a dog is a very dirty animal. So from then on I was much more careful of my dog and the children of my friends that were Muslim.

Last year my friend Cindy, was the intermediate (3rd, 4th & 5th ) grade teacher and she made learning come alive for the kids. She brought in a tub that the kids filled with strips of newspaper and some food scraps and water and then they put in worms. Every week she would bring it from home and the kid would open it and dig for worms. Then they would check the food and moisture and add what was needed and then pack it up and she would take it home so it wouldn’t get too cold in our building.  
Are you a person interested in working with kids and having some fun? Then think about helping in your Religious Education classes at your place of worship, as a former DRE I can tell you we always need volunteers.  Although I do have to warn you, Cindy started out as a helper and then became an awesome teacher!
Happy Chalica!
Blessed be

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