Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Thougths

Sophia Rose from Chalice Palace >
I am just amazed at all the interest that is happening for Chalica this year. This is Wonderful! as of right now we have had over 2000 hits on this website since November 17! 
So have you started to think about how you are going to celebrate Chalica this year? Will you do it as a family or as a group of friends or as an individual? Will you create the event for yourself with some of our helpful ideas on the site?
Follow a planned event see: Just Do It! or Lisa's daily ideas or Jeff's written document. Or will you turn on Jeff's videos and let him lead you through a short service? Have you checked out Sharon Barlow Palm's Seven Principles Resources on Netflix? She had listed movies for each principle.
Have you decided on a chalice? Will you have just one or one for each person?
Please let me know what you plan - there are two places you can do this. Under this post is a place for comments and there is also a place in the guestbook or you can email me at

Happy Chalica!

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