Monday, December 6, 2010

Day One

Happy Chalica!

Well it is finally here, day 1 of Chalica 2010. What have you planned? Will you tell people Happy Chalica? Or will you be like my husband Leigh, he likes to say, "Cheerful Chalica!" Will you remember to listen to everyone today? Will you value the people around you? Are you going to try to forgive anyone? Have you noticed that a lot of holidays do have a day for forgiveness? If you can't think of what to do click on Monday of Just Do It! and follow it.
I can’t wait to hear evan's new song and Lisa's new song: The Seven Days of Chalica. I read Jeff's sermon: Mixed Emotions from yesterday, the link is also posted below.
Did you know on Sunday, December 5, 2010 many UU Fellowship Halls and Churches all over the world had Chalica Services? If you get a chance take a look at the map in the lower right-hand side of this blog. We have been looked at least once by every continent except Antarctica.
Unfortunately our golden counter showed 2476+ then died! We have a site manager that was added at about 400 views on the lower left. So just add 400 to that and you will have a general idea of how many visitors we have had since the middle of November 2010.
Well thanks to Sophia (Chalica Palace) I have new earrings that she sent me as a Chalica gift. I'll try to get a picture and post them later in the day.
Please let me know how you are celebrating Chalica or just that you are celebrating it this year. You can post in comments below or email me at
Happy Chalica!


  1. For the first day of Chalica I will be attending a local Memorial Service for the Montreal Massacre ( Honouring the inherent worth and dignity of every person for me today means remembering violence against women and committing with my community to end it.